The ARGO rocket recovery vessel is designed to catch rocket parts in a large net and safely transport them back to port for reuse. Its patent pending design is a highly maneuverable quadmaran with four independently rotating hulls. It is capable of sway accelerations as great as 8.9m/s² and has a top speed of 30 knots. With an auxiliary gas tank the recovery vessel has a range of over 1000 km. 

The recovery vessel will be accompanied by a tender for transporting crew members and refueling.

The ARGO-X90 model shown here can be scaled up or down to suit a client’s needs. Performance will vary. 

Patent Pending

Patent Pending


  • X-Frame 90 x90 ft

  • Hull Lengths 25 ft

  • Mast lengths 45 ft

  • Net 100 x 100 ft

  • Power 4 x 300 hp

  • Op. Weight 7,500 kg

  • Op. Fuel Tank 4 x 15 gal

  • Aux. Fuel Tank 400 gal

  • Furling Tent 55 x 22 ft

The four hulls are capable of rotating independently.  Patent Pending

The four hulls are capable of rotating independently.

Patent Pending

The ARGO Recovery Vessel is like no other boat. Its four independently rotatable hulls offer unprecedented maneuverability. In a sway turn as shown below, the four hulls rotate while the orientation of the platform remains constant. This allows the large platform to obtain the turning radius capabilities of it’s much smaller 25 ft hulls.

At 30 knots 8.89m/s² of sway acceleration can be achieved. For reference, a Lamborghini Aventador can do about 10 m/s².

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 10.30.28 PM.png

Design details

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

The deep V hull and wave piercing bow design performs well in rough conditions, while the pulled in stern allows the vessel to attain high reverse speeds.

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

4 x 300hp outboard motors allows the vectoring of thrust to rapidly turn hulls


Fairing Protection

A tent made of 3Di molded composite provides a light and durable enclosure that is completely sealed from spray, rain and other potential contaminants. 

Tent Furled No Fairing.png
Tent (ARGO).png

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